GPS-GSM or Iridium based tag
The Savannah Tracking GPS bird tracking unit contains a GPS module for positioning, GSM or Iridium module for data transmission and a UHF transmitter for telemetry location. It further includes continues on-board behavioural monitoring via tri-axis accelerometer which can be linked to an automated alarm functions and SMS alerts in case of mortality (immobility).


Size GSM:
105mmL x 36mmW x 22mm H, 58 gram

Size Iridium:
110mmL x 33mmW x 22mm H, 85 gram

Position and data:
GPS and GSM or Iridum data transmission

Activity recording:
12 bit Tri-axis accelerometer.

Two way communication via GSM data link. All data recording and alarm settings can be reprogrammed remotely after deployment.

Telemetry location:
UHF transmitter (user defined frequencies 413-455 Mhz)

Special Design Features (displayed unit GSM version):
  • Aerodynamic shape and low profile reducing in-flight drag
  • Raised bottom centreline preventing pressure on spine
  • Grove along the side creating natural resting place for back feathers reducing shading of solar panels

Recoding schedule can be changed remotely by the user to recording position at any fixed intervals allowing for general daily on/off periods.. The user can further define the period of GPS averaging allowing for either averaged, high accuracy positioning or fast, less accurate energy saving positioning.

Is evaluated in real time by the collar and activity patterns suggesting unusual behaviour or mortality can be linked to an automated alarm message which contains current location, type of alarm and Google map link. This SMS message will be sent by the server to a list of user defined mobile phones numbers. Hence shortly after an animal has stopped moving or started behaving in an unusual way the user can be alerted automatically via SMS with an alarm containing the animal’s current position and type of alarm trigger.

Defined as points, lines or polygons can be loaded on the server by the user with violations linked to automated SMS alerts.

Is integrated in the unit. This transmitter can be programmed both in terms of on/off periods and transmitter strength even after deployment. The UHF transmitter is further part of the ACC based alarm system where mortality detection will trigger the UHF transmitter.

Via GSM (GPRS) data link; This allows for data downloading and uploading of new data collection configuration. All communication is done via the free accompanying data manager software (SDM). Uploading of new configurations is done via an easy interface of dropdown menus for parameter settings. General data management capabilities allows for addition of auxiliary information to the GPS data (age, sex, species etc) and general querying and export of data in different formats (csv, kmz, shp). Visualization and animated replaying of the data is done in Google Earth via automatically generated kmz files

During normal daily operations the unit continuously monitor animal movement and evaluate this information every 10 seconds on board. Any activity patterns suggesting unusual behaviour or mortality is linked to an automated alarm message. It further records and transmits its GPS position at user defined intervals to enable general animal monitoring.

In the event of an alarm the unit first takes and transmit a position which is instantly forwarded by the central server (hosted by Savannah Tracking) via SMS to authorized security personnel. It further starts its UHF homing beacon allowing on ground telemetry tracking and reverts to an alarm data recording schedule, taking and transmitting positions every 20min.