About Us

Savannah Tracking ltd. is an original Kenyan based company with a recently established presence in Canada. The managing director, Dr. Henrik Rasmussen, provides the scientific and research-based expertise. He has worked for the last 20 years on animal tracking and identification, holding a Ph.D. in behavioral ecology from Oxford University. The company has one other director, Mrs. Ivy Mutiso providing administration and business advise. The company also includes IT based professionals and workshop manufacturing support. Savannah Tracking is doing the development of collars and software in house but collaborates with a number of other companies on the electronic R&D phases. We have been partnering and closely collaborating with Trusted A/S in Denmark since 2012(https://trustedglobal.com) on bespoke development of the electronic components to our wildlife and conservation technology.

Business Focus:

Savannah Tracking aim is to create affordable customized systems for animal tracking and identification. We are working closely and collaborate with leading animal researchers, institutions and NGO’s  including Kenya Wildlife Services and ILRI, Save The Elephants and the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute and Giraffe Conservation Foundation.
We use real time solutions for information dissemination via our bespoke Data and Hardware management software (SDM), Phone Applications (MiSavannah) as well as automatically updated links in Google Earth. We also do consultancy work for scientific research projects and logistics and operational planning for animal capture operations in connection with collaring.
We have provided equipment to tracking projects in many parts of the world but our main expertise is mammals and birds on the African continent.


We provide customer support during all normal Kenyan business hours.