Savannah Tracking is introducing a new flexible GPS Tracking kit containing all the equipment you need for wildlife and livestock GPS tracking. The kit contains our one size fits all, Savannah FlexTrack collar especially designed for wildlife and livestock monitoring and management applications where simplicity, flexibility and affordability is important. The collar can provide GPS location and UHF telemetry beacons as well as on-board behavioural monitoring via tri-axis accelerometer and options for user-defined geo fencing zones evaluated by the Savannah server. Both mortality monitoring and geo fencing is linked to automated alarm functions and SMS alerts for mortality. The collars can be provided either with GSM or Iridium satellite downloading of data. The GPS-GSM version transmit data via the GSM mobile phone network. If the unit is outside GSM coverage the data will be buffered in non-volatile memory on the collar and sent as soon as the unit returns to coverage. Hence you do not need perfect GSM coverage in your study area to use our GSM based collar. The GPS-iridium version connects and send data via the iridium satellite system and is ideal for areas with limited or no cell coverage or where near real time data is required. The collar is a “one size fits all” solution with both batteries and GPS placed under the neck and with a single build-in UHF locational transmitter. This allow for an unprecedented degree of flexibility to the system allowing the same collar to be fitted to any species both carnivore and herbivore ranging in size from 10 – 800 kg body mass hence will equally well fit a Cheetah, Impala, lion or Zebra or indeed any livestock from goats to cattle

The system comes as a fully equipped tracking kit containing:
  • Five Savannah FlexTrack collar units
  • One UHF receiver with in build yagi antenna and field carrying pouch
  • One 10’’ Tablet preloaded with all the need software and data links and accessories
  • All tools needed for deployment including spare bracket spanners etc.
  • Magnet for collar activation secured to avoid accidental collar activation
  • All placed in a rugged “Pelican” style suitcase

The Collar

 is “one size fits all” allowing quick adjustments and fitting to any animal with a neck size from 25cm to 100 cm. Progressive increments in adjustment holes allows better adjustments for smaller neck sizes. Collar activation only requires swiping a magnet prior to deployment. This flexibility is ideal for day to day wildlife and livestock management operations where tracking needs are determined in the field on a day to day basis and not months in advance

The Receiver

is designed with an in-built yagi antenna thus avoiding cables and loose antennas that easily becomes entangled or break under field conditions. It comes in an easy to carry belt pouch.  Antenna are spring loaded and unfolds and folds in seconds allowing quick checking of signals in the field before moving on with receiver packed securely way.

The Tablet

contains our bespoke SDM data access software with all credentials and links to specific collar units. It further has Google Earth with automatic links to collars installed for viewing and data display. Separate folder with all files and installation code provides for installation on additional tablets or computers (windows)

Collar Specs:

Position acquisition:

Two way communication via GSM data link or Iridium satellite

Activity recording:
12 bit Tri-axis accelerometer for mortality alerts

Data Access:
Internet based downloading via the free accompanying Savannah Tracking data manager software.

Telemetry location:
UHF transmitter (User programmed frequencies:  UHF 433 – 450 MHz)

2 years @ 12 positions per day (depending on habitat and degree of GSM coverage)

Depending on final belting length, 375g @ 30 cm, 550 g @ 100 cm length


recoding schedule can be changed remotely by the user to recording position at any fixed intervals allowing for general daily on/off periods but is pre-programmed on delivery for positioning every 2 hours and data reporting twice per day. The user can further define the period of GPS averaging allowing for either averaged, high accuracy positioning or fast, less accurate energy saving positioning.

 is evaluated in real time by the collar and activity patterns suggesting unusual behaviour or mortality can be linked to an automated alarm message which contains current location, type of alarm and Google map link. This SMS message will be sent by the server to a list of user defined mobile phones numbers. Hence shortly after an animal has stopped moving or started behaving in an unusual way the user can be alerted automatically via SMS with an alarm containing the animal’s current position and type of alarm trigger.

defined as points, lines or polygons can optionally be loaded on the server by the user with violations linked to automated SMS alerts.

is integrated in the unit. This transmitter can be programmed both in terms of on/off periods and transmitter strength even after deployment. The UHF transmitter is further part of the ACC based alarm system where mortality detection will trigger the UHF transmitter

communication allows for data downloading and uploading of new data collection configuration. All communication is done via the free accompanying data manager software (SDM). Uploading of new configurations is done via an easy interface of dropdown menus for parameter settings. General data management capabilities allow for addition of auxiliary information to the GPS data (age, sex, species etc) and general querying and export of data in different formats (csv, kmz, shp). Visualization and animated replaying of the data is done in Google Earth via automatically generated kmz files

The FlexTrack collars work seamlessly with Lion-Shield, the new Human Wildlife Conflict deterrent system developed by Savannah Tracking, please enquire separately